Alachua Avenue


Tallahassee, Florida


4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Office

Tallahassee Florida, Home for rent


Private, ultra-quiet, comfortable house on Alachua Avenue is ideal location for a family. It would also be a fresh alternative for students looking for a change from the typical apartment student housing. Fenced-in backyard. Walk to Kate Sullivan Grammar School, Cobb Middle School or Leon Highschool or Trinity Catholic. Quick bikeride to Florida State University, FAMU/Florida A & M, and TCC.  3,4 or 5 Bedrooms and 2 Full Bathroooms in nice location with greenery and trees. Only a 1 mile to TMH/Tallahassee Memorial Hospital--walk to work! 2-minute commute to the Capitol and downtown.


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Fan - Home for Rent - Alachua Avenue, Tallahassee Florida